From Eczema to Clear, Beautiful Skin

What I am about to tell you is the next best thing to a "Magic Pill". 

If you would like to go from eczema, psoriasis or related skin rash to clear, beautiful skin, I recommend curing from within. I suffered for 40 years until I discovered this. 

Diet is the magic pill!

That is correct. Food and water. 


Consume only Raw Whole Organic foods!

Eliminate all cooked, processed, packaged, or animal products.

If it fits the above criteria, chances are good you can eat it. Just make certain you eat a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and limited amounts of beans, legumes, seeds and nuts. (Raw Whole Organic). The goal here is to raise your pH levels in your body. Green leafy vegetables are the most alkaline. Get creative but be vigilant with quality. e.g. NO TABLE SALT! Sea salt is fine as long as it is PURE.

Since the soils our food is grown in today are perhaps more depleted of natural elements it is very important to supplement your diet with minerals. According to Dr A. True Ott, with his extensive knowledge in this subject, all ailments can be linked to a deficiency in certain minerals. His book "Wellness Secrets For Life" is an amazing reference and a must read.



Consume only steam distilled water!

Eliminate all other liquids.

There are some counter top distillers available for a reasonable price. Do not store or drink from a plastic container.