For me, it was a permanent cure for eczema.

This is not just a temporary treatment for eczema.

I suffered from moderate to severe eczema, pompholyx, pruritus, psoriasis, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis,... for almost forty years. That was until seven years ago when I came across a cure for my eczema. Not a treatment for eczema, but for me, a cure for eczema.

If you are reading this, I am going to assume that you also have some form of skin rash. Whether you have dry skin, eczema, psoriasis or any of the several types of eczema skin symptoms, my heart goes out to you.

I know how frustrating and debilitating this skin disease can be and I want to help you with a cure for eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, or whatever skin disorder you are struggling with through "My Story, Your Cure".

"My Story, Your Cure" chronicles my experiences and struggles with eczema, and then describes in detail how I cured myself of this awful affliction.

My Story, Your Cure

August 16, 2017 Until very recently I have lived with severe eczema and for those of you who share this condition I have a very good idea of what you may be going through. I also have been free from eczema for thirteen years, a fact I attribute to a significant change in my eating habits.

I started showing symptoms of eczema, according to my mother, when I was two years old. My earliest recollection of having eczema is when I was four. For many years I had almost permanent scabs in the folds of my forearms, behind my knees, my groin and the front of my neck. I was especially self-conscious about the neck rash. It looked like a very nasty rope burn. At night it would get so itchy that I would scratch each spot clean. My mom suffered from eczema also and certainly understood what I was going through. She did everything to try to figure out what was causing the rash. We went for allergy tests which were completely useless. I learned at a very young age that I was allergic to almost everything, including cats, dogs (& all furry or hairy critters), dairy, chocolate, oranges and house dust. House dust? Seriously, where do we go from here? Well, we got rid of the cat. I settled for a turtle, instead of the kindergarten chick. I drank goats milk and ate goats cheese (for a six year old this was a real treat) and for added humility, no more chocolate. None of these remedies made much, if any, difference. We abandoned future efforts to find the root cause of my eczema and focused more on treating the symptoms. I continued my daily regimen of cortisone cream and at times would go for weekly cortisone shots. Every once in a while my skin would clear up for a few days or weeks and I would be the happiest kid on the block. (Summertime was the best). But it always came back as ugly as ever.

When I was thirteen I got a lot better. I used very little cortisone cream and became almost symptom free for five or six beautiful years.

As magical as it disappeared at age thirteen, at nineteen it reappeared without warning and with different symptoms. The eczema was no longer in my joints, but more on the outsides of my arms, chest, legs and face. Yes, face. Why not on the bottoms of my feet or something? Not the face. This left my face raw, red, itchy and stinging, all the time. Oh and my hands would break out with a million of these tiny little blisters (fronts and backs of my hands completely covered). The next few years were a real struggle with my skin and my confidence. The cortisone cream wasn’t nearly as effective as it was when I was younger. The only thing that would clear my skin up, even temporarily, was a wonderful little steroid called prednisone. But this was a short term fix and doctors were careful not to prescribe this very often. At one visit to my dermatologist in Edmonton, I asked him if there was anything I could do to improve my eczema, could it be brought on by diet or smoking? (Yes, I was a smoker, started when I was thirteen). I will never forget his reply, “You have Atopic Dermatitis and there is nothing you can do except put on more cream”. And as I questioned him further he softly replied again, ’more cream’. Of all the dermatologists I saw over the years, this physician was ‘my favorite dermatologist’ but the only advice that I got from him, from a cure standpoint, was “more cream”. Though, at the time, I would not have survived without it. I knew there had to be someone out there with the answer.

I listened to any advice that people had to offer and put it to the test. I tried every type of lotion, mineral oil, baby oil, and natural oil that I could possibly find. I even tried a tar-like ointment, and synthetic amniotic fluid cream. Nothing worked, some of it even made it worse. One doctor prescribed a ‘stand up tanning bed’ treatment, which actually helped a little. I tried acupuncture from a Chinese gentleman who also prescribed a mixture of several roots and herbs, which I had to cook in water to form this highly noxious potion that he called tea. Oh my goodness, it stunk up the house something fierce. After eight or so visits it didn’t make even a little bit of difference.

So for many years I stuck with the cream and this little green pill (APO-HYDROXYZINE) at nighttime. The little green pill was great. If I took it a couple of hours before I went to bed it kept me from scratching and I would fall asleep right away. The only problem was that it made me very sleepy the next day. Every few years I would go on prednisone for a week or two to clear things up. I would often coincide this with any holidays that I would take.

I know that my favorite Dermatologist said that smoking was not the cause of my eczema, but I had to rule it out anyway so I quit smoking for a year and a half. I was really hoping this would end my battle with eczema (and apparently psoriasis as well, according to another doctor). Although I felt much healthier, it had no effect on my skin. I tried to stay positive. I told myself that there are people who suffer from far worse conditions than I. As long as I don’t let my prescription for the cream and the little green pills run out, I would be okay. Hey, I have dealt with this my whole life and I was going to be okay. I took solace in the fact that it couldn’t get any worse. My favorite Dermatologist said to an intern during one of my visits that I was one of the worst cases of eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) that he had ever seen. So how can it get any worse? Well, it can get worse, much worse.

I was in my late thirties and felt as though I was being tested by some higher beings and I am sure they were saying “How much pain and discomfort can we put this poor guy through?”

I developed eczema all over my entire body. It was so incredibly itchy all of the time, even during the day now. And when I say my entire body, I really mean just that. The worst was on my back. It was one large open wound which covered every square inch of my back. Even by upping the little green pill dosage to two at bedtime, I was often up until three or four in the morning scratching and tearing at my body. With only three or four hours left to sleep, I would get up and shower in the hottest water I could stand. Really, you might think cold would be better, but the hot water was the only thing that lessened the itch. It probably didn’t help to heal my skin though. At this time of the night I would often sob with frustration. After showering I put the cream on all over and I would wake my wife to put some on my back. She was not fond of being woken up in the middle of the night. (Much like a bear or similar wild animal) but she got up without hesitation to do this for me. Peggy helped me keep my sanity through this trying time and for that I am truly grateful. By the time the weekend came, I was exhausted. At times turning offers down to go golfing. Okay, now I have to really get this figured out.

I went on steroids (prednisone) twice over the next six months, this offered only temporary relief and then I would break out again.

When I was forty one, a friend of ours introduced me to some material on pH balancing (or alkalizing) diets. I thought, okay, this will probably be very helpful, thank you. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I had finally found the answer. As I read through the information, it began to make perfect sense to me. I got on the computer and searched ‘Alkalizing Diets’. What I found was amazing. There was so much information on this topic. How could I have missed this?

The following is how I have become to understand pH balance within our body and the effect that our diet has on that critical balance. pH is quite simply (okay, maybe not quite so simply) parts hydrogen. The blood has a pH balance of 7.365 (slightly alkaline). Any significant variance to this pH balance in our blood would mean that we are very ill and likely would not survive. Fortunately our body does everything it can to maintain the pH in our blood. For example, if we become too acidic, our body creates extra fat which is a means of storage for the extra acidity. This in turn leaves our skin too acidic and prone to many challenging diseases (eczema and psoriasis for example) In fact, when our bodies become too acidic, there is a myriad of resulting diseases. The cells that make up our bodies must have a healthy pH balanced environment in order to function without disease. These cells are constantly dying and being recreated. So after a few years our bodies completely renew themselves. So if our bodies are completely made from these little things we call cells, and these cells require a certain pH balance to function properly, then we had better make sure we give the cells what they need.

I really got hooked on this and started learning more and more about the ‘Alkalizing Diet’. I quit smoking (this time for good). I started running everyday for twenty minutes, drank lots of water (steam distilled water is highly recommended) and followed the ‘Alkalizing Diet’ to the letter for three months. After one month my eczema cleared right up. And after three months I didn’t need any cortisone cream, prednisone or the little green pill. I had so much energy and felt so good, but above all I had normal skin for the first time in my life. As you could imagine, I was so grateful for this. I cannot over-emphasize the importance of pure steam distilled water. It is all you need to hydrate your body. Remember that we are 70% water. So it is critical to pay close attention to the quality of water we take in. Don't buy it in a plastic jug. Get a good quality steam distiller. You can get a good quality counter-top distiller for a reasonable price from )

I am still very much amazed by this cure. I was on this diet and exercise regimen for only three months. That was seven years ago and my eczema is gone.

This event has absolutely proven to me that this is the cure for eczema and psoriasis. The pH balanced (acid/alkaline) diet works on the principle of consuming 20 – 30% healthy acidic foods. These have a pH value of <7 and typically include meats, fish, & most fruits, (except grapefruit, lemons and limes)… and 70 – 80% healthy alkalizing foods. These have a pH value of >7 and typically include all green leafy vegetables, cucumber, celery, tomatoes, onion, garlic, almost all raw vegetables, raw almonds, seeds, sprouts, avocado. It is extremely difficult to determine the exact percentage of acidic versus alkaline foods you are eating, so, don’t sweat it too much. However, if you are eating pizza with a slice of tomato on it, you aren’t quite there yet.

When I was on the diet a typical breakfast would be tomatoes with avocado cut up with ground pepper and sea salt, and a handful of raw almonds. I learned later that it is well worth your while to soak the almonds in water for a couple of minutes and to limit the amount you eat to avoid an upset stomach. Other meals would typically include raw vegetables, raw almonds, and at least one big mixing bowl size salad with raw vegetables and sprouts every day. I know I could have improved my diet a lot with maybe some more beans, lentils or maybe some more research but I never put anything that was not completely healthy into my body for three months. Only eat pure foods. Eliminate all animal products, oils, sugar, table salt. Do not cook your vegetables. They are designed to eat raw. From my reading I learned that If you cook vegetables, this can create an acidic effect in your body and that would defeat the whole purpose of this exercise. Yes, that includes potatoes. Try a few thin slices of raw potato with sea salt if you really insist on potatoes. Do not eat animal products. Let’s look at a typical “bad” meal to understand why to avoid it. A typical bad meal includes meat, potatoes and maybe a cooked vegetable. Okay, to start with, all three items are acidic. If it is red meat then it’s even more acidic. Red meat can take up to 3-4 hours to digest. If you mix red meat with a carbohydrate or a starch, it can take up to 10 hours to digest that meal. This creates an unhealthy state in your body. In my opinion a plant based diet is highly recommended. If you can continue on the alkalizing diet for the rest of your life, I hope you will find that you will be incredibly healthy. Some researchers with PhD’s have professed that no known virus can survive in a body that is ph balanced. I am not asking you to believe that though. The only research that I know for certain to be accurate is my own experience with eczema and the effect the alkalizing diet had on me. The effect was so dramatic that it could not be called anything but a “Cure”. I have recently been eating a 100% plant based diet and I have never felt more healthy in my entire life. It is the absolute best way to eat and fuel your body. you will not only clear up your skin, you will help to ensure a longer, healthier life.

Look, I am not a doctor, or researcher, or scientist of any kind, but what I have been is my own test subject in my life-long search for a cure for eczema. And in my search I, in fact, found a cure. A cure that worked for me, anyway, and I am hoping will work for you also. So, please, do as I did and follow the diet and a twenty minute daily aerobic exercise (consult your Doctor to approve an exercise that is right for you) for at least three months and then please let me know how you did. Just remember not to put anything into your body that is not completely healthy for you or doesn’t fit into the alkalizing diet. A nice steady pleasant aerobic workout every single day is absolutely essential in order to, let’s say, rinse your skin of any toxins. Aerobic exercise also releases endorphins (which have a profound effect on your well being). By keeping your workout nice and easy, it keeps you motivated. Trust me on this, all you want to do is break a sweat for 20 minutes every day. I predict that your skin problems will subside and you will feel absolutely amazing. Please do not form your opinion until three months is over, as you may experience initial flu-like symptoms as built-up toxins leave your body. This should happen within the first week or two though. So prepare yourself mentally, and commit yourself to three months on the pH diet. I will definitely say that this requires some discipline but I will also say that this changed my life and I am hoping it will do the same for you. Commit yourself to this diet, don’t do it half way. Consider everything you put into your body and make sure it fits into the diet. Yes, I am sorry; this does mean no “good” things for at least three months. Trust me it will be well worth it. Your skin will clear up, your eyes will be brighter and you will have way, way more energy. If you can think of eating as a way of delivering nutrients to your cells, this might help in eating only the best of foods.

Are supplements necessary? According to Mother Earth Minerals Inc. there are a number of minerals that are beneficial to our bodies that may not be as abundant in today's foods.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my story. If you suffer from eczema or psoriasis I would be humbled if this story helps you. I strongly believe that if you follow the pH diet, drink lots of water (moderate amounts regularly throughout the day) and engage in twenty minutes of easy aerobic exercise (approved by your Doctor of course) for at least three months you will see improvement in your symptoms, if not completely cure yourself from this awful affliction. So plan your meals and make sure you have all the groceries you need on hand. Commit yourself 100% to the diet and aerobic exercise. Then create an image of yourself with clear, beautiful skin.